The Future of 
Security System

The largest and most integrated platform for measuring performance indicators for all officers in the field 

The Future Security System

eGuards Indonesia, a startup engaged in the security sector. built in 20xx by Fauzishak which focuses on securing on demand Personal, Asset, Event. After moving for quite a long time on Security On Demand, eGuards innovates from being only Security at an event or activity from a client that requires guarding while away. eGuards spreads its wings by adding services to BUJP in terms of security systems. The security system here is a work system for security in the field to be able to report conditions and situations directly / realtime. The management security system is expected to be able to help field officers (security guards) to send reports directly to company management about events that occur while the officers are working. Make it easy for HRD and company management to monitor the performance of field officers from attendance to job reports.

Security Support System Management

An application that records security process / system reporting that is currently being done manually, meaning that the security system business processes in the area, environment, buildings, factories, warehouses and existing human resources are permanent and eGuards helps digitize the process.

Security On Demand

Need a security service for a show or company event? There are still many people who are confused about where to rent them. So, from here, Fauzi Ishak, collaborated with security services to join the eGuards application.

Security On Demand


Escorting individuals or personal escorts, such as taking cash at a bank.


Securing assets, for example securing companies, apartments, private homes.


Securing certain events or events, such as musical performances, and others.

Security Support System Management

Mobile Apps

Application for reporting security officers in the field while on duty.

Web Based Dashboard

A management system to view, analyze, and manage the results of the work of officers in the field.

Service Location

eGuards client data in the use of a security Management System

Peta Client


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